RecordCast: The Best Online Screen Recorder Without Installing Any Program

RecordCast_ The Best Online Screen Recorder Without Installing Any Program

RecordCast is a practical online tool to record your desktop without having to download or install programs.

RecordCast Steps

This is so because this tool works directly in our browser without installing extensions or programs. Recording a video of the activity that you carry out on screen is very useful for creating video tutorials.

So it can be very useful for content creators, YouTubers, teachers, students, and for any user who wants to capture their activity on-screen on video.

With RecordCast, you can record screens for free and without having to register on the page. No less important is to note that it is a really easy-to-use tool for any user.

Next, this post will explain the main features and functions of this tool, as well as how it works.

RecordCast is a free web application to record your screen’s activity without the need to install programs or extensions.

Main features of the RecordCast web tool

Main Features

These are some of the features that make RecordCast one of the best solutions for recording videos from your desktop:

Completely free: no registration or payment required. You can record high-quality videos for free and without a watermark.

Recordings tailored to your needs: capture the entire screen, application windows or the browser tab.

With or without audio: possibility of recording the audio, from the microphone or the system audio.

Fast download: download your video in just a few seconds.

Editing options: you can add text, music, transitions and more to your videos. To do this, it uses the free FlexClip, a very hand video editing tool.

Recorder for Chrome

Who is this free screen recording tool useful for?

The possible uses for RecordCast are many so that it can be of use to many people as well.

Mainly, it can be very practical for those who are:

Students: Helps students to record online courses and lectures for further study.

Teachers: Create video tutorials to teach students how to carry out a certain task step by step.

Companies: create presentations and product demos. It will help you share your ideas with collaborators and clients.

How to use RecordCast in just three simple steps?

At the beginning of this article, the above mentioned the ease of use of this tool to record your screen. Actually, only 3 steps are necessary:

Well, the must-do thing is that you should access it on your Google Chrome. Then visit the RecordCast page, and click on the “Start Recording” button. Select the recording option that interests you and if you also want to record the audio or not. Finish the recording process and export your video in WebM format. You can also choose the option to edit it.

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Now you know which is one of the best free options to record your activity on-screen on video, do not hesitate to use it every time you need it. Sound useful? If you need to record your screen, it will help you a lot.

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